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I have been an active property investor for the previous 15 years building up a multiple property portfolio.

As a member of the Armed Forces, and regularly on the move, I have found it difficult to find the time to identify quality investment property opportunities.

Since discovering TSI 12 months ago, they have greatly assisted me with researching and identifying numerous suitable investment properties around the country. I have found the personalised TSI service is tailored to meet my specific requirements, and I have full confidence in the team to find me continual quality investment opportunities without the risk.

TSI have also given me valuable advice on how to improve the structure of my current portfolio.

Having just recently purchased my first investment property through TSI, I found the the entire process easy and stress free and more importantly they identified a quality investment property at a great price that I would not have been able to find myself.

It’s great to have Industry professionals working for you, and I would recommend the TSI team to anyone who is serious about building up a quality investment property portfolio without the risk.

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