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Welcome to our calculators and resources page. If you want to learn more about property investing this is the place to be. In particular, check out our extensive range of property investing and loan calculators.

To get started, here are our top five property investment strategies.   Make sure you click onto the link for the Blog to get more great information:

  • Equity - Unlock it!

    Use the existing equity in your home to buy your first investment property. Then use the equity from your home and investment property to buy your next property.

  • Tax breaks - Maximise them!

    We will show you how to get the best possible tax breaks so your investment property mortgage is funded through rent from tenants and additional cash from reduced tax.

  • Gearing - Positive or negative?

    If you’re negatively geared you’ll pay money towards your property each month. Positive gearing means you’ll make money each month. Understand how cash flow impacts you before you invest.

  • Research and diversify

    As your portfolio grows, diversify into other locations but always ensure you buy in desirable areas that are close to transport and have easy access to schools and amenities.

    It is also essential to diversify your portfolio. Once you buy in one location, it can be tempting to buy again in the same place. However, that approach does not spread your risk and help you diversify your investments.

  • Property type - House, townhouse or apartment?

    Houses, townhouses and apartments can perform well for you if you make the right choice. Always buy with your budget and cash flow requirements in mind. Put simply, only buy what you can afford. This will not only keep you safe, but may mean you can buy more properties in the future. And, if you do go on to expand your property portfolio, then a mix of houses, townhouses and apartments in various locations is, in most cases, the safest way to go.

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