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Laurel Sloan

Laurel Sloan is the co-founder and Director of The Successful Investor. Laurel’s career in property investment spans over 20 years. In that time, she has helped countless Australian women get their foot in the property market door, enabling them to achieve their wealth creation dreams. A fully licensed Real Estate Agent, Laurel now manages the compliance, finance, legal and HR obligations plus the operational management of The Successful Investor.

Laurel’s core values are honesty, integrity, and working for the benefit of The Successful Investor clients to achieve their life-time investment goals. She also believes in creating a special team of like-minded staff who gain personal and professional achievements when working at The Successful Investor.

Laurel knows that property investment has been the method choice as a wealth creation strategy many people. Laurel also knows that too many people get it completely wrong when they invest. Despite its popularity, finding the right investment property remains an involved process requiring plenty of time and a passion for searching for the right opportunity. Laurel likes nothing more than assisting our clients create wealth by selecting the the right property for your personal circumstances. Seeing happy families achieve lifelong goals and building a sustainable future is a key driver of her work at TSI.

Laurel is an inspiring, leader who likes nothing better than to be your guide in the wealth creation through property process. Laurel is also a passionate artist who likes nothing more than working away in her Fitzroy studio.

If you would like to find out our your firm can partner with The Successful Investor, or perhaps you have ambitions to work here, then Laurel is the person to contact.

“The Successful investor has helped us get into property market and have helped us navigate the right contacts and property to be successful. We will continue to use them for more properties even though they have taught us so well.” Robert

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