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Denham Bowen

Denham is your Senior Property Advisor and Property Coach. He has a passion for people and property and throughout his 20-year property career, has helped many people achieve their investment ...

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Karen Waddell - Senior Property Advisor

Karen Waddell

Karen is a Senior Property Advisors and a Property Coach. Karen will work closely with you to reach your investment goals with emphasis on how a good investment differs from ...

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Sujen Bhashkar

Sujen is a Senior Property Advisor with The Successful Investor.

Sujen is passionate about Making a Difference In & Changing the Lives of People Forever by Inspiring People to Achieving their Full Potential.

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Xavier Sloan - Relationship Manager

Xavier Sloan

Xavier Sloan is the Relationship Manager of The Successful Investor and is often the first point of contact for anyone who wants to find out more about how we operate. ...

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Daniella Perri - Client Services Manager

Daniella Perri

Daniella Perri is the Client Services Manager at The Successful Investor. Daniella holds an Agents Representative License and is also a qualified Conveyancer.   Daniella has a passion for property, ...

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