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On the 28th October, 2015, Professionals Ryder Real Estate was involved in conducting a seminar with The Successful Investor. I found the information provided on the night to be very valuable and informative. The information that I took most benefit out of was the type of property not to or to invest in. Speakers were all great and really knew what they were talking about. Feedback from our clients were that they also found it very informative and are keen to follow up. I would definitely consider conducting another event with The Successful Investor in the future.

I am glad I took the time to research and download a copy of Cracking The Real Estate Code – you have probably just saved me from being robbed of many thousands of dollars!!

I am grateful that it was honest and straight to the point with very little left to the imagination. It is refreshing to see someone else with similar standards and care for their clients that I have, you should be proud of your attitude and honesty.

I can’t recommend The Successful Investor enough!

Karen, Daniella, Denham and the team made the process of selecting, inspecting and purchasing our fantastic new home a breeze.

They helped set us up for future success, listening to our requirements and fitting them in with the right location and economic factors to give us the best opportunity for future growth. Thank you and we look forward to investing with you again!

I was very skeptical at first as I found them through Facebook which worried me.

But they were very good at walking through the process and our first investment property is now completed. The proof will be long term if the property continues to go up in value so only time will tell.

But the service I had from Michael P, Karen & Daniella was great. The builder did a great job and were great at fixing up any small imperfections at the end.

I would recommend them to anyone thinking of investing but as always, do your own research and make sure you are comfortable.

A colleague recommended Karen at The Successful Investor to me 18 months ago. I took the plunge and had my 1st investment house built. The whole experience was so easy, I’ve just purchased my 2nd property through them.

Karen came to me, explained what they do, listened to my needs and concerns, and held my hand through the process. I didn’t feel there was any pressure selling. It felt like they didn’t need to, they know the value of their service.

Their systems are created that you don’t need to devote a lot of time and energy into setting up a property portfolio. They do their part, and can refer you on to other trusted businesses that can support you through the next steps.

I recommend Karen at The Successful Investor without hesitation. I will be contacting her again when my 2nd property is finished and has tenants.

I can’t recommend Karen and THE SUCCESSFUL INVESTOR TEAM enough.

They were extremely helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and Very professional. They were able to help us on a very tight schedule and always willing and able to go the extra mile to help with advise.

I have worked with a number of clients who have put together a property portfolio with the guidance of THE SUCCESSFUL INVESTOR TEAM

(Michael & Karen specifically) and I have personally seen their portfolios grow over the last 4 years.

My/our clients are also continuously purchasing more investment properties through their guidance.

I personally also refer my clients to Karen.

5 STARS!!!

I run an administration service for Self-Managed Super Funds and the way Karen and the team at The Successful Investor look after our mutual clients, as well as people I send to them is both caring and professional, without any sales pressure.

This extra value is the education and information offered which is more than our other clients have received from other property experts and services.
Highly recommend talking to them.

The Successful Investor is a fantastic property investment company.

My partner & I were referred by a family member when we decided to start investing in property. The team at TSI are so organised, knowledgeable and have all of the information you need on hand so that you can make an informed decision in terms of investing in property.

They make the entire experience very personable and it has been smooth sailing whilst working with them as a company so far. At the moment we are even more pleased as our first investment property has just been completed!

Thank you to The Successful Investor and all staff involved, you’ve made our first investment property purchase a breeze of an experience. We can’t wait to jump on board soon to look at purchasing our second investment property with you!

We will and have been sending your details to all interested family & friends! Congratulations on such a fantastic business idea!

To The Successful Investor Team, or shall I address you as ‘The Dream Makers?’

As today you have made our dreams come true. You truly are Gods amongst men, Kings amongst peasants, Scousers amongst Mancs.

Today I cheered for joy in the staff room, celebrating ownership of our first property, I explained to my work mates how exciting this was, and how The Successful Investor team (The Dream Makers) helped me achieve this.

May all the Dream Makers live long and prosperous lives, our gratitude is with you forever. Joshua and Fiona.

Our experience with The Successful Investor has been very positive and very straight forward. Michael Sloan and his staff have been wonderful to deal with, from the initial meeting and throughout the entire process.

Nothing has been too much trouble for the team at The Successful Investor and we have found them to be extremely professional. It gives us great confidence dealing with someone like Michael, who is so knowledgeable of the industry, meticulous in both the details and the selection of such a great product for its clients.

The Successful Investor were only too happy to organise a meeting with us at our nearly completed property.We were surprised at how much we loved the Point Cook area and its proximity to the city.

The entire  process was made so simple, and as two busy professionals, this was incredibly important for us. We recently found out that the land value has already increased considerably in the time it took to build the house. This only serves to strengthen our beliefs in The Successful Investor and the foundations that they are built on. Thank you!

Over the years, many of my clients have expressed an interest in receiving sound property investment advice and I have a great passion for property investing.

In the past I have been reluctant to team up with property sales companies amid concerns their commissions came at the expense of our clients’ best interests.

My attitude changed when Steve from The Successful Investor dispelled any fears by demonstrating his foremost commitment to clients’ welfare.

TSI build a profile of my client’s unique requirements and in consultation with me in regards to the tax affect of any investment property decisions can help my client’s right through the property purchasing process.

Simply put, TSI’s unique approach focuses on identifying the client’s needs, then striving to help them achieve them.

I have purchased several investment properties before and this was my first experience through The Successful Investor. I found the service to be friendly, responsive, informative and helpful. I can highly recommend TSI. In addition, the property I purchased has already delivered $80K capital appreciation and positive cashflow. I’m on my way to happy times…thanks TSI.

I have purchased 2 investment properties through TSI. The service they provide takes away all the pain factors in sourcing and buying a property.

I believe they deal with integrity and professionalism. Customer service is excellent and the owners are very approachable if or when required.

We recently purchased our first investment property through The Successful Investor.

From our first enquiries through to the successful purchase of our property, we found the team at TSI to be very knowledgeable, informative, courteous and efficient.

TSI kept us up to date with every step in the process and answered all of our questions with friendly professionalism. We would highly recommend The Successful Investor to all those seeking a motivated and highly skilled team to assist with property investment.

Dear Michael, Thanks for all your support in our investment journey.

I hope this is not news to you, but have made such a difference to our lives. We wish you every success in your professional and personal life.

Being successful in your own profession does not make you a real estate expert!

So figuring out who to trust in this overhyped market was overwhelming for us.I guess it might seem we have been overnight sensations having built a portfolio of 4 properties in 5 months, but we were waiting to be helped and educated to take the right course of action.

Anyone who takes the time to read your report and gets an opportunity to spend some time with you guys will immediately sense your honest and informed approach to real estate investing is a logical way to create an enduring wealth strategy and a financial legacy.

It has made all the difference for us and our family.

I used to be one of those “one day…” people.  “One day I’ll buy a property or start investing.”

Our TSI consultant and the team at The Successful Investor are the reasons I have been able to buy five properties in four years and by doing so, secure my financial future and that of my family.

My TSI Consultant helped me overcome the barriers that we all have around the fear of investing.  He helped me understand what makes a good investment property.  With The Successful Investor you never feel like it is difficult or scary.

They are with you every step of the way. They are encouraging, knowledgeable, experienced and always available. I never felt that I was alone in investing.

The best part is that the team at The Successful Investor speak from experience as serious property investors themselves.

Some time ago we made a decision to begin accumulating a property portfolio but  we simply had no idea what to do, what would be a good investment, or where to start.

We were fortunate to meet Michael Sloan who has become our principal adviser and mentor.

Over the past 18 months we have come to completely trust his guidance.  We cannot praise his professional conduct and counsel highly enough.

In our eyes, Michael is a genius in his field and we feel completely comfortable recommending him to everyone and anybody we meet.

Over the past 14 months, we have purchased a further 3 properties and in the last week signed a contract for our 4th. These are exciting times for us and we are thrilled with the financial direction and journey we are now taking.

I have been an active property investor for the previous 15 years building up a multiple property portfolio.

As a member of the Armed Forces, and regularly on the move, I have found it difficult to find the time to identify quality investment property opportunities.

Since discovering TSI 12 months ago, they have greatly assisted me with researching and identifying numerous suitable investment properties around the country. I have found the personalised TSI service is tailored to meet my specific requirements, and I have full confidence in the team to find me continual quality investment opportunities without the risk.

TSI have also given me valuable advice on how to improve the structure of my current portfolio.

Having just recently purchased my first investment property through TSI, I found the the entire process easy and stress free and more importantly they identified a quality investment property at a great price that I would not have been able to find myself.

It’s great to have Industry professionals working for you, and I would recommend the TSI team to anyone who is serious about building up a quality investment property portfolio without the risk.

I am in the process of purchasing a number of properties through the Successful Investor.

I have been able to take comfort from the fact that the Successful Investor researches both the location and the builder of the properties they recommend.

These are things I do not have the time to do myself. I have found the service provided to be very professional and I have never been pressured to purchase a property.

I have purchased several investment properties before and this was my first experience through The Successful Investor.

I found the service to be friendly, responsive, informative and helpful. I can highly recommend TSI. In addition, the property I purchased has already delivered $80K capital appreciation and positive cashflow.

I’m on my way to happy times…thanks TSI.

Learn from the best!

We pride ourselves on making the property investment experience as easy as possible.