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Do you want to build a property portfolio while paying less tax?

Are family or friends already investing in property?

Do you know how much you need to have the retirement of your dreams?

Do you want to pay off your home loan in record time?

Do you want to save tax?

Watch the video on our home page then contact us below to discover how working with one of our experienced Property Advisors can create the future and financial security you’ve been looking for.

At your first consultation you will discover:

  • If you qualify to successfully invest in the property market
  • The value of the nest egg you will need at retirement so that your money lasts longer than you do
  • What value property you are in a position to buy right now
  • How much an investment property will cost you each week after tax
  • How to pay off your home loan in record time
  • What kind of property portfolio is it possible for you to build
  • How you can use investing in property to reduce your tax and prepare for retirement
  • The successful strategy to reducing risk when investing in property

Your initial consultation is at no charge to you.  What we want to discover at this meeting is whether there is a match with what we offer and what you need. You can ask as many questions as you like about property investing, our company, how we get paid and the process we follow.

No pressure, just a conversation with an expert who is a property investor themselves on how we can help you create wealth through successful property investing. To find out more about our Senior Property Advisors click here.  If you like the profile and experience of a particular Advisor please request to meet with them and we will do our best to make that happen. Most of our initial consultations take place in our Richmond office during office hours or early evening.  There are also 8pm appointments for you at home and daytime appointments on the weekends but these are limited.

Contact us to take the first step to your successful financial future.

Learn from the best!

We pride ourselves on making the property investment experience as easy as possible.