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Our Managing Director Michael Sloan

Michael Sloan is the author of two books, The Formula to Successful Property Investing and Cracking the Real Estate Code. His articles appear on the National Australia Bank (NAB) website and he is regularly quoted in the media.

Michael is the Co-Founder and Director of The Successful Investor, with over 20 years in the industry, he has helped hundreds of people create wealth through property investing.

You can find Michael’s various articles by clicking on the Investing in Property pic on the NAB home page.

Michael is a member of the Association of Financial Advisors and is on the panel of experts at their consumer advice website Your Best Interests.

Michael’s core values at The Successful Investor are trust and integrity as he helps everyday Australians create wealth through well planned property investment strategies.
Michael has written two books, Cracking the Real Estate Code is available as a free download

“Cracking the Real Estate Code” is your guide to staying safe when buying an investment property. It shows you how to avoid suspect sales techniques, how to stay on top of hidden clauses in contracts plus a whole lot more. It might even end up saving you a fortune.

His most recent book “The Formula to Successful Property Investing” is available at most book stores including Dymocks.

The Formula: Life lessons from a 20-year veteran of the property industry and the thousands of clients he has worked with. Find out what properties you should stay away from and why, how you can buy a property with no cash deposit and when to sell. This book offers vital information to guide you through your property investing journey whether you are a first time or experienced investor.

You can buy the book (Use the code TSI2017 at checkout for a $5 discount and free postage) or download the first three chapters for free from

Michael presents at property seminars and workshops Australia-wide teaching people about his ‘Formula’ to successful property investment. Designed to take the risk away from investing as well as increasing your property investment knowledge the formula will help you understand how to invest safely using property as the vehicle to create your own financial future. has a direct tell-it-like-it-is style and shares his knowledge candidly.

He believes property investing is more achievable than most people think. These events are purely educational based without the pressure to sign up or buy anything; just quality information.

On a personal level Michael is a big supporter of Kiva and is proud that The Successful Investor team has assisted those in need all over the world. He is a huge football (Soccer to some) fan and an avid supporter of Liverpool (where he was born) and Melbourne Victory.

His favourite investment property is Olivia’s in the Forest, located in Healesville, it was a second home for almost 10 years and is now available for all to enjoy via Airbnb.

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Twitter @michaelsloantsi

To book Michael as a guest speaker at your next event, please contact us here.

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