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We help average Australians create wealth through property investing.

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'We makesuccessful property investing easy'

The Formula for highly effective property investing is the backbone of our company and your success as a property investor.

The Formula isn’t rocket science, it is a result of years of experience in property real estate investment.

Developed by our Managing Director, Michael Sloan, The Formula is the foundation we use to build on your success.

The Formula will show you how to fast track paying off your home loan and how to build a property portfolio.

The Formula also removes as much risk as possible from the property investing process.

Michael is the author of two books, The Formula to Successful Property Investing and Cracking the Real Estate Code.  Michael’s articles appear on the National Australia Bank (NAB) website and he is often quoted in the media.

Michael is our Managing Director .  Michael’s and his team have over 100 years of combined experience and have helped hundreds of people build a strong property portfolio.

Developing Your Wealth is Our Business

We operate in a no pressure environment, so you will never be pushed to move forward with any of our investment suggestions. Your first consultation with one of our Senior Property Advisors is at no cost and obligation free.

This consultation is about getting to understand you. Are you someone we are confident we can help build wealth through property? And from your viewpoint are we the right company for you? We work with just 10 clients a month so it is vital that we are the right fit for each other. This is not about buying an investment property, you can walk into any real estate agent to do that. This is about helping you build a wealth creation program that can change the future for you and your family.

The way in which The Successful Investor helps you develop wealth is based on The Formula, however unfortunately many Australian property investors have experienced a formula “for disappointment.”

That’s because they buy investments that have a wonderful sales story but no sound financial investment strategy. They might be a great success for the selling agent but in most cases a disaster for the buyer who is then stuck with a property they actually can’t afford in a suburb which typically isn’t going to deliver acceptable returns.

Before your initial consultation with a Senior Property Advisor we will ask you a series of questions about your personal situation. This lets us personalise our initial meeting to provide you with some real value. We will show you how much a property will cost you each week after tax, how you can eliminate your mortgage in record time and how building a property portfolio can build your wealth with low risk. We will discuss our full range of services and fees.

Our services include:

  • A personal mentor to help you build wealth through property
  • Mortgage broking services – we can arrange your investment loan or home loan with access to more than 20 lenders
  • Quality properties – many that are never advertised to the public
  • Property Management
  • A trusted team – with you every step of the way to grow your portfolio
  • Tax savings – our team will show you how you can maximise your tax deductions
  • Complimentary first appointment
  • A 10 leaseback guarantee option on all of our recommended properties
  • Our trusted research team that will work exclusively for you to find you the right investment property
  • A 16 page cash flow report with 30 years of projections on all recommended properties
  • Advanced debt reduction strategies to get rid of your mortgage in record time
  • No cost e-book – see our top tips on staying safe when you invest
  • A plan of action – tailored specifically for your circumstances
  • Access to our panel of experts, including financial planners quantity surveyors and accountants

What our customers have to say

Being successful in your own profession does not make you a real estate expert!

So figuring out who to trust in this overhyped market was overwhelming for us.I guess it might seem we have been overnight sensations having built a portfolio of 4 properties in 5 months, but we were waiting to be helped and educated to take the right course of action.

Anyone who takes the time to read your report and gets an opportunity to spend some time with you guys will immediately sense your honest and informed approach to real estate investing is a logical way to create an enduring wealth strategy and a financial legacy.

It has made all the difference for us and our family.

More testimonials

Many property investors get it all wrong when it comes to buying the right property, they only realise this when it is too late.

Regular mistakes made by property investors include:

  • Picking the wrong type of property – one which won’t give you the cash flow you need
  • Investing in the wrong location – or buying the wrong property in the right location
  • Not understanding the importance of cash flow with regards to property investing
  • Buying an investment property that will only appeal to an investor and not potential home owners (a big mistake)
  • Relying on poor guidance that is all about getting a sale for the agent, not building your wealth
  • Becoming fixed into a property that often does not match the bank price value standards
  • Falling for the hype that there is only one type of property investing for all
  • Not understanding that a good property will match your specific needs including price point location, timeline and cash flow

We will only advocate a property to you if our own findings demonstrate it will appeal to both the investor and homeowner – this means you will bring in top notch potential tenants and maximise your capital gain.

A large number of the properties that pass our stringent qualification process are not available to the public.  These properties are all in prime locations across the country. When we advocate a property that suits your circumstances, you’ll be supplied with all supporting research and a comprehensive cash flow analysis which allows you to make an educated decision.

Our goal is always to allow you to build wealth securely by way of property investment and also to give you all the ongoing support you need to build your wealth.

Our clients’ requirements are crucial therefore we often decline properties we are offered to sell because they don’t live up to our rigorous quality control principles.

Learn from the best!

We pride ourselves on making the property investment experience as easy as possible.

The Successful Investor 10 Year Leaseback Guarantee

“The Successful Investor is approved to offer this guarantee to our clients on both newly constructed and existing property, with the GUARANTEE assured by the management integrity and backing of one of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance broking firms.”

Property Investment Advisors in Australia

“In excess of 3,000 investors have taken advantage of the benefits derived from this 10 Year Leaseback since its inception in 1998 with no loss of rental income and we are proud to now make this program available to clients of The Successful Investor.”

This is not a rental guarantee but a 10-year leaseback option backed by a global insurance company, essentially an insurance policy that will cover your rent during any vacancy for 10 years.


• There is a vacancy during the 10 Years of the Lease
• The tenant is late paying the rent
• The tenant cannot pay the rent for any reason
• A new tenant is being found between tenancies

Property Wealth Report

As soon as you are client of The Successful Investor you will receive a personalised report that will identify where you are at today and also where you’re heading.

It is a frightening fact that most people have no idea where they are headed in regards to personal financial security, and up to a remarkable 80 percent of Australians may rely completely or partly on the pension for his or her retirement. Unless, that is, they take control of their personal wealth creation system.

We will show you if you are on target or whether you need to make some changes in order to achieve financial peace of mind.

For most of our clients, the customised report includes a few major surprises, and encourages our clients to start on their wealth creation program sooner.

Obtaining the Ideal Property For You

Once we recommend an investment property that matches your requirements, it has already exceeded our uncompromising research checks.

This means the property is one that:

  • Is in your required price range
  • You will be able to afford as we give you an in-depth cash flow report showing your weekly income and outgoings
  • Has extremely good potential for capital growth
  • Is within a suitable location and is the most appropriate property type to attract good tenants for that particular location.
  • Unlike most real estate professionals, we’re not limited to the local region so we never focus on just one type of property – or location. You’ll find that we have access to quality investment properties all over Australia.

Our company focus is on delivering long-lasting returns for our clients without exposing them to unreasonable and avoidable levels of risk.

Property Investment Methods

Purchasing that first investment property is a large step and we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to make a well considered and knowledgeable choice prior to buying.

It’s extremely easy to make expensive mistakes simply by buying the wrong property, or buying a property that is not sustainable on your disposable income. However if you get it right, property investing will create long-lasting wealth for you and your family.

To get started, complete your details on the contact us page and we will be in touch to make a time for an obligation-free consultation in our Richmond office.